Looking for the perfect gift for a book lover? Welcome to the gift guide. We've chosen the best-selling thrillers of 2013 and similar books that we think you'll enjoy! 


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Characteristics: A military conspiracy thriller that feature someone dead (or who might soon be dead). 

If your recipient loves the Jack Reacher books by Lee Child, they'll love Breakthrough by Michael Grumley

Characteristics: Action packed to the very end. Some mystery, plenty of twists and turns. Adventure mixed with history - and plenty of conspiracy.

If your recipient loves Dan Brown's books, they'll like The Atlantis Gene by AG Riddle

Characteristics: Scary. Like, really scary. Psychological thrills, demons, and horror meet in this spine-tingling tale.

If your recipient loves the horror-filled madness that comes with Stephen King's books, they'll love While the Savage Sleeps by Andrew E. Kaufman

Characteristics: Detective thrillers that feature serial killers who wreak havoc on a city. Not a cozy read by any means-- think nonstop action.

If your recipient loves James Patterson's Alex Cross books, they'll love Secrets to Die For by LJ Sellers

Characteristics: Political thrillers that read like a Hollywood blockbuster (think White House Down in book form). Nonstop action, perhaps mixed with conspiracy and spies.

If your recipient loves Vince Flynn's books, they'll love White Jade by Alex Lukeman

Characteristics: Forensic thriller with a bit of sexual tension and quick dialogue.

If your recipient likes Kathy Reichs' Temperance Brennan / Bones series, they'll enjoy Volcano Watch by Toni Dwiggins