Looking for the perfect gift for a book lover? Welcome to the gift guide. We've chosen the best-selling religion books of 2013 and similar books that we think you'll enjoy! 



If they liked this book  



They'll love this book



Characteristics: Devotions for every day of the year from a Christian missionary. Reads like Jesus is speaking to you.

If they already own "Jesus Calling", they'll enjoy "Streams in the Desert". 366 daily devotional readings to inspire.  

Characteristics: Science meets religion. Written by a neurosurgeon.

If they loved "Proof of Heaven" , they'll enjoy "Another Second Chance", the true-life story of a kidney transplant survivor. . 

Characteristics: Spiritual lessons from the Nazi death camps from a bestselling Jewish author.

If they liked Man's Search for Meaning, then " Daughters of Absence", a collection of twelve essays written by daughters of Holocaust survivors, is the gift for them. 

Characteristics: A guide for enlightenment. Spiritual and inspirational.

If they liked "The Four Agreements", they'll love Eckhart Tolle's guide to spiritual enlightenment "The Power of Now". 

Characteristics: The story of Siddhartha and his journey to peace and serenity.

If they liked "Buddha", then gift them the highly acclaimed book "The Untethered Soul".  

Characteristics: An emotionally charged Christian parable that explores man's relationship with God.

If they liked "The Shack", they'll love the emotionally-gripping and inspirational book "Every Bush is Burning".

Characteristics: A dramatic memoir of a woman's life and reliance on God's love to overcome horrors of life.

If they liked "The Hiding Place", they'll love "Children of Dreams," a heart-wrenching memoir of adoption and clinging to the Bible in times of hardship.