Kids 6-12


Looking for the perfect gift for a book lover? Welcome to the gift guide. We've chosen the best-selling kids books and similar books that we think you'll enjoy! 



If they liked this book  


They'll love this book


Characteristics: Okay- everyone loves Harry Potter. But the first one is especially great for kids aged 9-12.

If they loved "Harry Potter", gift them "The King's Ransom", a fantasy-filled adventure that's perfect for tweens. . 

Characteristics: New kid at school - and he's not exactly one of the 'cool kids.' Plenty of schoolyard antics.

If your kiddo loved the Wimpy Kid series, they'll delight in the whimsical series "Funny Things I Heard at the Bust Stop". 

Characteristics: Magic, adventure, family and friendship intertwine in these classic novels. 

If they like the magic of Narnia, they'll love the "Kendra & Kandlestar" series". The perfect addition to a child's fantasy collection.

Characteristics: A modern take on the traditional fairy tale. Will make your princess love reading. 

If they're a fan of "Ella Enchanted", "The Escape of Princess Madeline" is the perfect gift for them. 


Characteristics: Epic adventures, compelling characters and a hint of the fantastical. 


If they liked the epic adventure "Seven Wonders, then the awesome adventure novel "Zoe & Zak and the Ghost Leopard" will make the perfect gift.