Kids Under 5

Looking for the perfect gift for the toddler who loves to read? We've chosen the best-selling kids books for kids under 5 and similar books that we think they'll enjoy! 

If they liked this book  


They'll love this book


 A classic children's board book. This book is helps kids with counting and learning different types of foods.

If you know a child who loves "The Hungary Caterpillar", they're sure to love the beautifully illustrated book "The Bee Bully"

The Giving Tree tells the tale of time through the relationship of a boy and his favorite apple tree. It is both heart breaking and heart warming.  

If you know a child who loves The Giving Tree, chances are they'll love "Guess How Much I Love You".


Nothing says children's books like Dr. Suess and this book is one of his best. 

If you know a child who loves "Dr. Suess' Horton Hears a Who",  "The Ganorch Under the Porch" will make the perfect gift. 


Goodnight Moon is a timeless bedtime book. It helps kids get sleepy with rhythmic rhymes and familiar household objects.

 If you know a child who loves "Good Night Moon" , they'll like "Good Night Gorilla". 




The Berenstain Bears are a staple on every child's bookshelf. A good-hearted family with a lovable clown of a father figure, the bears will always provide a good story.

If you know a child who loves loves "The Berenstain Bears", be sure to get them the "Just a Little Critter" collection.