Gifts for Men

Gifts for the literary fellow in your life.

Leather Bound Journal

This isn't a male-specific gift, but we know a dapper gentleman or two who would love to swap out their trusty Moleskines for a handmade journal. Bundle it with a fountain pen, and it's a perfect small gift.

New Yorker Subscription

You don't have to be a New Yorker to love The New Yorker. This iconic magazine is full of book reviews, social and political commentary, and brilliant cartoons. It's a must-own for a literary fellow.

Vintage Map

We've noticed a trend. Avid readers also tend to be fans of history and world travelers. Why not blend the latter two interests with a vintage map (either real vintage or a print - both are awesome). How great would that look on a wall?

Kindle Fire

You can't go wrong with gadgets for the holidays - especially when it comes to Kindles. Readers and Kindles go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows (which is to say, really really well).

Book Cover Coasters

Catch 22, Lolita, and Brave New World are already on their bookshelves - but what about on the coffee table? These coasters are all classic book covers. The perfect addition to a bibliophile's home.

BookBook Wallet / iPhone Case

This is the iPhone version of BookBook's famous Macbook case (which is awesome). This little guy turns your phone / wallet into a mini leather tome to carry around in your pocket. Far more stylish than a plastic case, no?

Munchkin (Card Game)

This is for fantasy fans. Munchkin is a seriously fun game that is sort of like a multiplayer RPG in card form. It's hard to describe, but you basically kill monsters and get treasure to upgrade your monster-killing abilities. Trust us - it's tons of fun and perfect for a fantasy fan.

Munchkin is a holiday tradition for our Marketing Manager's family, so we can personally recommend it!

Game of Thrones Set

There are two types of Game of Thrones fans: those who read the books and those who didn't. The former group smirked at the Red Wedding scene while watching the HBO series. The latter freaked out and sat in stunned silence for five minutes while the former group laughed. Whichever fan group your bibliophile falls into, they'll love to re-watch this beloved series.

Winter is coming.