Gifts for Women

For your favorite literary lady.

BookBook Computer Case

Taylor, our Marketing Manager, has this case on her Macbook Pro and always gets complemented on it at meetings (and once on an airplane). The BookBook turns your computer into a leather tome -- which is way cooler than a plain computer. It's very protective as well! 

Paperback Scented Perfume

Demeter is known for their selection of fragrances that smell like everyday things. Some are offbeat, like Pizza and Funeral Home. Others like Gardenia and Thunderstorm are truly lovely.

Paperback smells like your favorite bookstore - aged paper with a touch of sweetness. Perfect for the e-reader fan who misses the smell of books.

Wall Decals

If she loves to read, she has a favorite quote. By nature, a literary lady loves language (and hopefully alliteration based on that sentence).

We've seen a lot of wall decals, some with quotes from books or famous people, but this is a favorite. It's sort of a family manifesto.

See more decals here.

Kindle Fire

Time for an upgraded Kindle, perhaps? The BGG ladies are all using Kindle Keyboards (the ones that came out years ago), and we'd sure like to see one of these under the tree. If your favorite reader is also a fan of gadgets, the Kindle Fire is a perfect gift.

Frends Layla Headphones

For the reader who doesn't want to be disturbed when she's deep into a book - but wants to look oh so chic while she's at it. These are the prettiest headphones on the market (in our humble opinion).

Book Lover's Page-A-Day Calendar

A calendar to put on her desk - full of good books and recommendations for her next read.

Why settle for cute puppies when you could gift a literary calendar?

Literary Mug

Books and hot beverages are kind of a no-brainer pairing. The BGGers are a bit divided in terms of tea versus coffee. Regardless of her beverage of choice, a warm drink somehow tastes better in a literary mug.