Looking for the perfect gift for a book lover? Welcome to the gift guide. We've chosen the best-selling fantasies of 2013 and similar books that we think you'll enjoy! 



If they liked this book  




They'll love this book



Characteristics: Action packed and full of intrigue with great characterization. Set in a vividly imagined alternate world. Fans of sword and sorcery fantasy will love these reads. 


If your recipient loved the Game of Thrones series, chances are they'll fly through Devices and Desires by KJ Parker, a timeless story of warfare and the wicked things we will do for love.

Characteristics: Urban fantasy with lots of action, suspense, mystery, and just the right about of sultry scenes. If your reader is a fan of True Blood, these are the books for them!

If your recipient loved the Sookie Stackhouse series, chances are they'll really enjoy Ever After by Kim Harrison, an action packed urban fantasy.



Characteristics: Fairy tale for adults. A great book for all fantasy readers who like to keep their inner child alive will love these stories of magic and wonder. 

If your recipient loved The Ocean at The End of the Lane, chances are they'll like A Symphony of Cicadas, a novel that masterfully mixes life and death and reality with the fantastic.


Characteristics: Historical fantasy that blends reality and magic into a truly enthralling reading experience. Readers who enjoy mixing reality with fantasy will love the world created in this novel. 

If your recipient loved A Discovery of Witches, chances are they'll become engrossed in Wildfire by Mina Khan, an urban fantasy with hints of mystery and romance. 


Characteristics: Kick- butt female paranormal protagonist. Shapeshifters, pack politics, and suspense abound in this contemporary paranormal fantasy. For readers who secretly wish that they could get bitten by a vampire or a werewolf. 

If your recipient loved Frost Burned, chances are they'll fly through Broken Elements by Mia Marshall, the story of an exiled elemental who wields a power that is as old as the Earth.


Characteristics: Is Game of Thrones a little too much for you? These classic style fantasies feature magic and adventure in worlds full of wonder. A great read for fans of dragons, elves, and other wonderous beasts. 

If your recipient loved Blood of Dragons, chances are they'll love reading Fate's Fables by T. Rae Mitchell, an imaginative story set in a magically abundant world.


Characteristics:  Zombies have hearts too, even if they aren't beating. A paranormal tale that questions what it means to be alive, be dead, and be in love. 

If your recipient loved Warm Bodies, chances are they will devour I, Minion by Lewis Dix, the story of a skeletal warrior who learns to think for himself.  

Characteristics:  Otherworldly creatures secretly live among us. One teenager is just a bit different - and is tasked with an adventure beyond her years.

If your recipient liked Daughter of Smoke & Bone, they'll love Eden at the Edge of Midnight, a young adult fantasy by John Kerry.